LiveCharts Geared

The geared package is a set of light weight series, that connects with the same Open Source library, this enables your application that is already using LiveCharts to have a lighter UI, and plot millions of points in practically no time, by acquiring this package you also have access to our maps for commercial use.

Community Edition

  • Livecharts.Geared.Wpf version 1
  • LiveMaps
  • Community Support

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Open source and no commercial only

Geared WPF

  • Livecharts.Geared.Wpf version 1
  • LiveMaps
  • Private Mail Support

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$ 68.9 USD

per developer

Frequently asked questions

Wasn't LiveCharts free?

It is, LiveCharts is and will always be under the MIT license (free), the LiveCharts.Geared package is an optional extension that connects and boosts LiveCharts.

How fast is Livecharts.Geared?

Incredible fast, why don't you give it a try?, click here to download the unzip and run ExampleApp.exe, in the best case, Livecharts.Geared can render 10 million of points in less than 1 second.

What am I buying?

A set of 12 light and fast series to use them with the CartesianChart class, it includes a geared version of all the series supported by the library, but HeatSeries (in version 1.2, version 1.3 will include the heat series), it also includes the GearedValues class which implements better and much faster algorithms to render your charts.

How the license works?

You buy a license to develop with Livecharts.Geared, your final customers do not require a license, the license is perpetual, updates are for free, in other words when you buy "LiveCharts.Geared version 1" you have all the updates to this product for free, then if "LiveCharts.Geared version 2" goes out in a future, you can upgrade to this product, check out the EULA, you can find the activator in your purchase invoice at this web site, to access your invoices click here.

Do I need to learn something new to use Livecharts.Geared?

No, LiveCharts.Geared connects directly with LiveCharts, for more info follow the installation guide

Do LiveCharts.Geared support all the features LiveChart does?

Practically yes, but the library sacrifices some features to gain performance, and reduce computing time, for now the geared series do not supports the point state feature, but you can still use the regular series in your application.

Why is LiveCharts this cheap?

This price is just to keep the project alive, we want better chartings tools for everyone, data visualization is really important these days, and it should be totally free in the benefit of we developers and our users.

Is it safe to make a payment in this site?

Any invoice is paid in the PayPal's web site, also any information you give us is transfered using the secure sockets layer protocol, click at your browser navigation bar to get more info.